Hair journey update 

Hi all, 

Just a quick update on my hair journey. It’s been rough. Experiencing dryness and a little bit of breakage aswell. Here’s a picture of my growth up to now  


Boy, feel like a natty dread at the moment 😂😂😂. You can see the different lengths in my hair . It is so tough to comb and to manage 

Here’s a picture of the back of my hair  

You can definitely see the length and texture of my hair from behind.It’s soft to feel. But tough to comb. 

Here’s a length picture to see my length of my hair  

 my length in some places are 1/2inch others a inch . I’m getting there slowly, but surely. I’ll be giving my hair, a good oil treatment some point and a wash. 

I’ve been mixing pure coconut oil, Shea butter grease and castor oil together which I’ve think has been helping. Also hair mayonnaise aswell. I’m still taking biotin. But not impressed, that’s making my hair grow. I’ll carry on till the end of the month with this journey and see.

I’m considering putting texturised softener on my hair to make it more manageable as its torture to deal with at the moment. 

I’ll keep you all updated and thanks for reading and following my journey x


My hair journey update

Hi all,

Just coming to you with a update on my hair journey. Well, my hair is growing well. But I’m now experiencing abit of shredding and breakage. Also, dryness. This due to weather and season. I gave my hair a hot oil treatment this week to see if this would help. It has helped abit, but I’m still experiencing the dryness.

I’m still doing the l.o.c method. But now doing it 3 times aday. It’s helping in some ways. I’m slacking with drinking water this maybe why my hair is experiencing what it’s experiencing. I need to drink more. 

I’m also still taking biotin and sea kelp. I believe these aren’t help me much like the other hair vitamins,I’ve tried and considering investing either gold crush hair vitamins or hair infinity .

Here’s my hair growth to date  

As you can see all different lengths and shrinkage. It’s not growing as fast as I like but it’s growing but slowly.

I wanted to share this video, I found and watch on YouTube
Here some guys talking about how women with short hair are more attractive and that than a woman with long hair. I’ve always stressed over wanting long hair due to past experiences with my rekationships with guys.

Now, after watch the documentary I’m not do fuss and think short hair is the way forwarded for me. As Coco Chanel said  

I feel that this quote is for me. So I’ve decided to grow my hair more. But I’ll be getting my hair telaxed and my pixie cut for sure. I’m not stressing myself out on having long hair no more. Life is too short. I’m considering 2 cuts. But don’t know which one  

Which do you think suits me ?

Leave a comment below

I’ll keep you all posted 

Love you all and thanks for following my journey x

My hair journey update and decision 

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I updated you all on my hair journey. As you know from my recent post, one of my younger sisters passed away.

My hair is doing well and growing. But due to recent events, I haven’t kept up with my regime etc .

My hair is thick and tough to comb. Even though it looks soft. I have length in places. But the middle and top part of hair is the short areas, but starting to pick up. I’m still taking biotin twice a day . Here’s a photo to show you  

The photo on the left is where I started and the right is my growth to date. You can surely see the difference. It’s not growing as fast as I like it to. Length wise here’s a photo to show you  

 Some length, but not as long as I want it to be.

So I have decided I will continue my journey till December and I’ll will relax my hair and get a pixie cut. I feel short hair is the in thing at the moment. Also, for my lifestyle as a busy mum of 3 it would be easier to maintain and do everyday. Short hair suits me better.

I have decided to go for either one of these cuts  

So I will get back my regime and up water intake and carry on with taking biotin to promote more hair growth in order to achieve my pixie cut. I’ll update you soon on my hair journey.

Life x

Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. I lost one of my younger sisters. She was only 26 years old and lost her life after having her daugther delivered via emergency csection.

A big void in our family and big shock. Just happen so suddenly. We laid her to rest last Thursday. Her daugther still in hosptial and that.

This situation has taught me loads. You should take life for granted and life it to the fullest. My sister’s passing has taught me that you must enjoy life regardless and to live good with each other.

Whatever you want to do, buy etc do it because you don’t know when life will just go like that. Life is so precious and that we should live it to the fullest. My sister enjoyed her life and live it to the fullest. She was beautiful in and out. She love family time and her nieces and nephews. 

I’m her expecting her to whatsapp on the family whatsapp but I know she won’t be. I’m gonna miss her characteristics and beauty especially her hot pink nails and red hair. Her presence and laugh.

She was so excited for her baby girl but never got to meet her. So enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t take it to advantage. Because it could go just like that in a blink of a eye.

So little sister rest in sweet peace and continue to shine bright like a diamond in heaven 👼🏾

My hair update and hairfinity review 

Hi all, 

Well I’m updating you on my hair journey and my final review on hairfinity.

Well, you all know about my current hair and hair journey. I have been taking hairfinity for the past month and now completed the course. So I’m going to give you my thoughts on these vitamins and review.

Well what can I say about hairfinity? Well, it does work and live up to its name. Here’s my hair before taking hairfinity  

Here’s my hair after two weeks taking hairfinity  

 As you can see my hair has grown very fast and looks very healthy. 

Now this is my hair after completing whole months course of hairfinity  

Yes has grown more and some length starting to come. Also , my natural hair curl pattern coming. 

Hairfinity does what it says it does and really grows your hair fast. My only negativity things about hairfinity is that it makes your hair feel dry and Abit brittle. Where gold rush hair vitamins led it feel soft, silky and smooth. Also moistured. Also, the price. They are £25 a bottle for these and where I don’t work it’s a lot. They are worth the money but only if they cost less. 

Do love these in some sense, but honestly, I would invest my money to gold crush hair. 

My hair journey still continues . Lately, I felt to give up and go back to chemicals and cut short or curly perm. I’m going to persuade and keep going and decided my fate afterwards. 

But I am loving all these pixie cuts and Bob length styles at the moment. These are the biggest hair trendys for this year. Also braid styles at moment which are good winter protection styles I also love sister locs very much . So far these are my favourites  pixie cuts


 Very tempting but not sure what to do. I have been complimented a lot saying short hair suits me better or both do.  But not keen out going back to chemicals . Decisions to be made 😕 I would love you my readers could help me out 

Should I stay short and get a pixie cut ?

Continuing growing it and go long and staying natural?

Please leave your suggestions on this post .

Thanks for reading 😘

My hair journey update 

Hi all,

I thought I do a post on my hair journey so far and how it’s going.

As you all know I’m trying to grow my hair. As you know from my last post, I’ve been taking and trying Hairfinity and wanted to know what the hype was all about over this. Well, I’m happy with the results of these so far and may have to invest in some more .

Here’s my hair 2 weeks ago post hairfinity  

This is my hair growth, whilst on hairfinity  

 I’m so happy with my growth. It has grow fast as it says on the bottle and have some length. Also, very thick, healthy and soft. To me, hairfinity does the same as gold crush but a different effect on my hair.

I’m so happy that I’m going into the right direction with my hair journey. I’m gonna give my hair a good wash and protein treatment. And also a hot oil rinse. 

I’m now considering what to do next with my hair whether to keep going natural which to me is hard work or consider a chemical eg Jheri curl. I’m gonna also carry on with taking biotin and sea kelp after I finish hairfinity as I can’t afford the price of it.

I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do with my hair, don’t hestiate to leave a comment on this post. I’m so happy with my progress and embracing it in every way and now know patience is the key !

Following your dreams and goals 

Hi all,

Have you ever had dreams, hopes and goals in life but never thought you had the confidence to follow them through?

That’s me. 

I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching lately.

Been asking myself the follow questions lately

Who am I ?

What’s my purpose in life?

What are my dreams, goals and wishes in life ?

How can I fulfil these?

Lately, I have been feeling low and but after talking to fellow bloggers and group members in the plus size groups, I have joined on Facebook I feel very positive and now gonna to fight for my dreams and goals. 

I’m not going to let negativity get the way of me fufilling all I want in life. One of my long life goals and wishes was to do a pagenant. I always wanted to do one, but though hey my size ain’t right. But I have now discovered that there are pagenants out there for us plus size women and I recently applied for ms British beauty curve 2016. I’m so determining to do this and hoping I’ll get selected to represent my hometown.

I have also recently reapplied for college to do my maths. I recently passed my English course and achieved a functional skills level one in English. I never thought at 36  is possible to go back to college and achieve something in terms of education. But I did. So I’m on the waiting list for a functional skills maths course. 

I haven’t decided what I would like to do as a career as yet. But I’m keeping my options open. I’m more determining to go to university and achieve a degree. I was told I’ll never be anything in life from teachers at school and colleges, I attended. But I’m proving them wrong and showing my children that it’s possible achieve a education regardless of your situation or age plus ability.

Nothing is going to get in my way of aiming high and achieving in life. All the negativity and challenges to come my way, I’m going to take as positive and make changes to my life and to myself aswell. I feel now that anything now is possible and I’m worth it no deserve the best in life.

Now I’m feel I can conquer the world and determine to aiming his in life and aim for the best in life.