My hair journey update

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve been slacking with blogging. Been so busy with secondary and primary school transfer stuff for my children and personal stuff.

I thought I update you with how’s it been going with this hair journey of mines. I’m starting to give up now. My hair grows in certain areas and its now breaking 😢😞😢 I’m wondering will it ever grow back to this, when I was younger 

Why it keeps breaking ? I’m know that medication can do this as I’m on a lot of medication. 

Here’s my current hair growth

As you can see it’s not grown as much. Different lengths in areas but very short in areas. I spoke with a hairdressers, whom said its dead hair growing and I need to cut off the dead hair ends and regular hair treatments. If I don’t cut off the dead ends, my hair will continue breaking and non growth.

I’m thinking about it. But now come to the conclusion that maybe short hair is the way forward. At the moment, the trend is short and sassy hair. Many of the fellow hair bloggers, I follow on social media are doing it. 

This girl is making me really think and wanting to do it. She’s one of my favourite YouTube bloggers 

Love it. Think I will do it. To me it’s just hair and not your life and it’s grow back .

So what you guys think should I go for it ?


My hair journey update 

Hi and sorry for not posting any blog posts in a while . This due to my sister’s death and been extremely busy.

I thought I let you all know how my hair journey is going . Good and bad. I’ve started taking biotin and multivitamins to see if that will promote growth. So far, I do see a difference and some growth. My hair grows funny. Different lengths etc. I’m still doing the loc method, using hair mayonnaise, coconut oil ( the pure one ) and black Jamaican castor oil.

Here’s a picture of my growth to date 

As you can see it has growth alot from the last blog post. I have bee slacking with my treatments and will try and do my weekly treatments. This will help with the growth and thickness and health of my hair .

I’m wondering whether I should carry on with this journey and stay with short hair and get it chemically done and cut. Summer is approaching and I don’t wanna look like a hot mess with hair like this .

What do you guys think short hair or carry on growing it 😉 comment and let me know x

My hair journey update

Hi all ,

It’s been a very long time since I dropped my last blog post. Sorry it’s been a long time, but been up to here with personal stuff, grieving still for my sister and kids.

I thought I updated you all quickly on my hair journey. I had to do another big chop. My hair was in bad condition and different lengths. Since doing my big chop, my hair is more healthy and in better condition and growing.
Here’s a picture of my current hair situation  

It’s thick and soft. But very hard to comb. I’m still doing the loc method. But slacking big time with my weekly treatments. I’ve not used biotin for over a month now and been taking multivitamins and zinc. But will start using biotin at some point again.

I have thought about just cutting it really low and give up as once it grows to a certain length, my hair breaks 😞 but I’ve come to this far to just give up. But if does break, I’ll just cut and keep low.

I’m loving all these real low short styles at the moment . This girl I love her and versatility and style and you should check out her YouTube channel  

She’s my fashion icon at the moment and complating whether to cut my hair like her and some colour or just carry on.

What do you guys think should I keep going or cut ?

My hair journey update 

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I thought I update you on my hair journey so far. It hasn’t been going aswell I expect it to.

My hair is in real bad condition now. All different lengths very short in the middle area. Dry and brittle even though I’m doing the l.o.c method. I have stopped using biotin for a month now as I didn’t feel it was doing as much or growning my hair as fast as I wanted it to.

Here’s my hair grow to date  

As you can see it’s very thick and very Afro. Very hard to comb and painful aswell. I’m using black Jamaican castor oil and hair mayonnaise. For treatment, dark and lovely chloestrol and pink listers hot oil and African pride stimulating therapy shampoo. 

I’m trying to drink as much water as possible to help with the condition of my hair and for growth. Going natural is hard work and I’m having second thoughts. 

Here’s my length to date at the sides  

It’s growing. But very slowly . I spoken to a few hairdressers recently about what I could do with my hair. Few have suggested texturiser, which I don’t like to soften out my hair and texturiser does really grow my hair and give my hair some tlc and treatments. All said I’ve got quality hair which needs a lot of tlc due to the condition it’s in. Others have suggest relaxer/ telaxer and cut to a low/ short cut and treatments which I’m really considering or to carry on growning it for another month and see. Here’s my favourite cuts at the moment  

Theses cuts very low maintance and easy to manage. These sort of cuts are what I’m considering due to my lifestyle.  Also short hair is the current trendy at the moment As I keep saying coco Chanel says  

I feel if I cut my hair, I know my life will change. The last four months have been emotionally rollercoaster with my sisters death and I know she would want me to make the right decision with hair . 

I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing with my hair for another month and reinstate a hair vitamin into my journey. I’m considering taking vitamin B complex as I have taken this in the past and it really regrew my hair. I will keep you all posted with my decision.

Thanks for reading and following my journey X


My hair decision for 2016

Hi all, 

I thought I post a blog on my hair goals for 2016. As you all know that last year, I was a natural hair journey which had there ups and downs. 

Here’s a photo of my hair growth of 2015  

I’m happy with my growth. But in some areas not grown a lot and long in some areas and short in others. My hair is very dry and I have been slacking since my sister’s death. So I plan to do weekly treatments and l.o.c method. I’m still using pure coconut oil, castor oil not black which I really need to invest in and hair mayonnaise is a must which has grown my hair quite a lot .

I’m still taking biotin. But I’m looking in to taking gold crush hair vitamins again or some other form of hair vitamins, which promote fast hair growth.

So my hair decision for 2016 is that I’m going to relax and cut my hair. This is because natural hair is hair work and this is the best my hair grown in years. But I just don’t have time and is hard to comb and to maintain.

I’m considering a low pixie cut, which will be easy to maintain and look after. Also , suits my lifestyle. Also, I feel by cutting my hair, it will grow more healthy and needs tlc and a good cut as I haven’t cut my hair nor trimmed since my big chop.

These are the cuts, I’m in love with at the moment and considering  

The pixie cut is the in thing at the moment. I’m so in love with the pixie cut. I feel if I cut my hair, I’m embarking on some changes and new challenges. 

As coco Chanel says  

I feel this me for 2016 after the year, I’ve had and I know if undo this, the changes I want will come.

So what are your hair goals for 2016?

Are you considering a new look ?

I got a little crush on you 😉

Hi all 

I’m gonna be dropping few post this week and get back into blogging. Like I said in my earlier post all negative is left in 2015 like wastemen, fear etc but I can’t forget my sisters death. It’s all about positivity etc 

So I thought I get my feelings in to this blog. Lately I’ve been feeling good under the circumstances and that . If it wasn’t for my family , strength, faith we wouldn’t be of not got through this difficult time.

Also, my friends and new network of friends. Recently, I got close to a really good male friend. I don’t know what I do without him. He has encouraged me a lot. Help me build on self esteem and confidence. Also, taught me to accept myself for me and he accepts me the way I am and his prayers.

I can always text and be real with him and I’ll always have his back no matter what and he’ll have my back. I have a crush on him and he knows. I told him 🙈 omg

Everyday we are getting close and text and talk. He would text to see if I’m ok morning,day and night. His prayers put a smile on my face.

He’s different to all the other guys I been out with or to the wastemen who have issues, gold diggers or have partner and cheaters aka players and liars.

He’s decent, caring, hardworking and the accent omg that Jamaican accent. I can be real with him and open. He is 43 and I’m 36 going on 37 in the next few months. Age ain’t nothing but a number 

He’s my close friend but I would love more, but our friendship is so tight and close and we don’t wanna spoil it. But said we will see and get to know each other more.

All I can say I have found my dream guy. But gonna stay friends for now and take our time. No need to rush things. Leave it in gods hands as he knows best and has our backs all the time.

So if you was in the situation like me and this guy would you do?

He has said to me he values our friendship ,don’t wanna spoil it and take our time. May be in the future.

So watch this space and that but he’s the one for me. Patience is the key and best things comes to those who waits .

Happy new year and reflections on 2015

Happy new year everyone !

Sorry for not blogging a lot these days. I thought I drop my first blog for 2016.

I’m gonna reflect on my 2015. Well 2015 had its ups and downs. I returned back to college and gain a English qualification. Didn’t find love, than idiots who weren’t serious etc didn’t fulfil my wish to learn to drive. Embarked on a natural hair journey which had its ups and downs.

2015 in October brought my family and I the biggest tragedy and heartache ever. One of my younger sisters’ lost her life in childbirth and never got the chance to met her princess, she was longing and excited for and to met.

Our family link has been broken and our lives won’t be the same again and we don’t know how we are going to get through this. We will tell her princess all about her and bring her up the way she wanted to bring her up. Her daugther suffered brain damage and the hosptial are under investigation for this and we need answers.

Healthy 26 year old woman no health issues just went in to have her baby. But never came home and met her princess. 

This is hard. But with our faith and strength we’ll get through the this.

So 2016, I’m gonna enjoy life and make a life for me and my 3 children. Whatever challenges or situations God has planned for me bring it on as I’m ready for them. 2016 no drama or negativity. Positivity. Don’t need that drama in 2016. I’m leaving all the drama issues and negativity and negative people in 2015 and 2016 all about positivity new vibes etc.

I’m going to conquer the world and fulfil all my goals and dreams like learning to drive.  I’m gonna transform myself and get my pixie cut .im going to live and enjoy my life as you don’t know when judgement day is and by blink of a eyes it’s gone.

2016 go out there and fight and conquer the world and don’t let negativity stop you.

So happy new year everyone 😘