My hair journey update

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve been slacking with blogging. Been so busy with secondary and primary school transfer stuff for my children and personal stuff.

I thought I update you with how’s it been going with this hair journey of mines. I’m starting to give up now. My hair grows in certain areas and its now breaking 😢😞😢 I’m wondering will it ever grow back to this, when I was younger 

Why it keeps breaking ? I’m know that medication can do this as I’m on a lot of medication. 

Here’s my current hair growth

As you can see it’s not grown as much. Different lengths in areas but very short in areas. I spoke with a hairdressers, whom said its dead hair growing and I need to cut off the dead hair ends and regular hair treatments. If I don’t cut off the dead ends, my hair will continue breaking and non growth.

I’m thinking about it. But now come to the conclusion that maybe short hair is the way forward. At the moment, the trend is short and sassy hair. Many of the fellow hair bloggers, I follow on social media are doing it. 

This girl is making me really think and wanting to do it. She’s one of my favourite YouTube bloggers 

Love it. Think I will do it. To me it’s just hair and not your life and it’s grow back .

So what you guys think should I go for it ?