My hair journey update 

Hi and sorry for not posting any blog posts in a while . This due to my sister’s death and been extremely busy.

I thought I let you all know how my hair journey is going . Good and bad. I’ve started taking biotin and multivitamins to see if that will promote growth. So far, I do see a difference and some growth. My hair grows funny. Different lengths etc. I’m still doing the loc method, using hair mayonnaise, coconut oil ( the pure one ) and black Jamaican castor oil.

Here’s a picture of my growth to date 

As you can see it has growth alot from the last blog post. I have bee slacking with my treatments and will try and do my weekly treatments. This will help with the growth and thickness and health of my hair .

I’m wondering whether I should carry on with this journey and stay with short hair and get it chemically done and cut. Summer is approaching and I don’t wanna look like a hot mess with hair like this .

What do you guys think short hair or carry on growing it 😉 comment and let me know x