My hair journey update

Hi all ,

It’s been a very long time since I dropped my last blog post. Sorry it’s been a long time, but been up to here with personal stuff, grieving still for my sister and kids.

I thought I updated you all quickly on my hair journey. I had to do another big chop. My hair was in bad condition and different lengths. Since doing my big chop, my hair is more healthy and in better condition and growing.
Here’s a picture of my current hair situation  

It’s thick and soft. But very hard to comb. I’m still doing the loc method. But slacking big time with my weekly treatments. I’ve not used biotin for over a month now and been taking multivitamins and zinc. But will start using biotin at some point again.

I have thought about just cutting it really low and give up as once it grows to a certain length, my hair breaks 😞 but I’ve come to this far to just give up. But if does break, I’ll just cut and keep low.

I’m loving all these real low short styles at the moment . This girl I love her and versatility and style and you should check out her YouTube channel  

She’s my fashion icon at the moment and complating whether to cut my hair like her and some colour or just carry on.

What do you guys think should I keep going or cut ?