My hair journey update 

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I thought I update you on my hair journey so far. It hasn’t been going aswell I expect it to.

My hair is in real bad condition now. All different lengths very short in the middle area. Dry and brittle even though I’m doing the l.o.c method. I have stopped using biotin for a month now as I didn’t feel it was doing as much or growning my hair as fast as I wanted it to.

Here’s my hair grow to date  

As you can see it’s very thick and very Afro. Very hard to comb and painful aswell. I’m using black Jamaican castor oil and hair mayonnaise. For treatment, dark and lovely chloestrol and pink listers hot oil and African pride stimulating therapy shampoo. 

I’m trying to drink as much water as possible to help with the condition of my hair and for growth. Going natural is hard work and I’m having second thoughts. 

Here’s my length to date at the sides  

It’s growing. But very slowly . I spoken to a few hairdressers recently about what I could do with my hair. Few have suggested texturiser, which I don’t like to soften out my hair and texturiser does really grow my hair and give my hair some tlc and treatments. All said I’ve got quality hair which needs a lot of tlc due to the condition it’s in. Others have suggest relaxer/ telaxer and cut to a low/ short cut and treatments which I’m really considering or to carry on growning it for another month and see. Here’s my favourite cuts at the moment  

Theses cuts very low maintance and easy to manage. These sort of cuts are what I’m considering due to my lifestyle.  Also short hair is the current trendy at the moment As I keep saying coco Chanel says  

I feel if I cut my hair, I know my life will change. The last four months have been emotionally rollercoaster with my sisters death and I know she would want me to make the right decision with hair . 

I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing with my hair for another month and reinstate a hair vitamin into my journey. I’m considering taking vitamin B complex as I have taken this in the past and it really regrew my hair. I will keep you all posted with my decision.

Thanks for reading and following my journey X