My hair decision for 2016

Hi all, 

I thought I post a blog on my hair goals for 2016. As you all know that last year, I was a natural hair journey which had there ups and downs. 

Here’s a photo of my hair growth of 2015  

I’m happy with my growth. But in some areas not grown a lot and long in some areas and short in others. My hair is very dry and I have been slacking since my sister’s death. So I plan to do weekly treatments and l.o.c method. I’m still using pure coconut oil, castor oil not black which I really need to invest in and hair mayonnaise is a must which has grown my hair quite a lot .

I’m still taking biotin. But I’m looking in to taking gold crush hair vitamins again or some other form of hair vitamins, which promote fast hair growth.

So my hair decision for 2016 is that I’m going to relax and cut my hair. This is because natural hair is hair work and this is the best my hair grown in years. But I just don’t have time and is hard to comb and to maintain.

I’m considering a low pixie cut, which will be easy to maintain and look after. Also , suits my lifestyle. Also, I feel by cutting my hair, it will grow more healthy and needs tlc and a good cut as I haven’t cut my hair nor trimmed since my big chop.

These are the cuts, I’m in love with at the moment and considering  

The pixie cut is the in thing at the moment. I’m so in love with the pixie cut. I feel if I cut my hair, I’m embarking on some changes and new challenges. 

As coco Chanel says  

I feel this me for 2016 after the year, I’ve had and I know if undo this, the changes I want will come.

So what are your hair goals for 2016?

Are you considering a new look ?