Happy new year and reflections on 2015

Happy new year everyone !

Sorry for not blogging a lot these days. I thought I drop my first blog for 2016.

I’m gonna reflect on my 2015. Well 2015 had its ups and downs. I returned back to college and gain a English qualification. Didn’t find love, than idiots who weren’t serious etc didn’t fulfil my wish to learn to drive. Embarked on a natural hair journey which had its ups and downs.

2015 in October brought my family and I the biggest tragedy and heartache ever. One of my younger sisters’ lost her life in childbirth and never got the chance to met her princess, she was longing and excited for and to met.

Our family link has been broken and our lives won’t be the same again and we don’t know how we are going to get through this. We will tell her princess all about her and bring her up the way she wanted to bring her up. Her daugther suffered brain damage and the hosptial are under investigation for this and we need answers.

Healthy 26 year old woman no health issues just went in to have her baby. But never came home and met her princess. 

This is hard. But with our faith and strength we’ll get through the this.

So 2016, I’m gonna enjoy life and make a life for me and my 3 children. Whatever challenges or situations God has planned for me bring it on as I’m ready for them. 2016 no drama or negativity. Positivity. Don’t need that drama in 2016. I’m leaving all the drama issues and negativity and negative people in 2015 and 2016 all about positivity new vibes etc.

I’m going to conquer the world and fulfil all my goals and dreams like learning to drive.  I’m gonna transform myself and get my pixie cut .im going to live and enjoy my life as you don’t know when judgement day is and by blink of a eyes it’s gone.

2016 go out there and fight and conquer the world and don’t let negativity stop you.

So happy new year everyone 😘