My hair update and hairfinity review 

Hi all, 

Well I’m updating you on my hair journey and my final review on hairfinity.

Well, you all know about my current hair and hair journey. I have been taking hairfinity for the past month and now completed the course. So I’m going to give you my thoughts on these vitamins and review.

Well what can I say about hairfinity? Well, it does work and live up to its name. Here’s my hair before taking hairfinity  

Here’s my hair after two weeks taking hairfinity  

 As you can see my hair has grown very fast and looks very healthy. 

Now this is my hair after completing whole months course of hairfinity  

Yes has grown more and some length starting to come. Also , my natural hair curl pattern coming. 

Hairfinity does what it says it does and really grows your hair fast. My only negativity things about hairfinity is that it makes your hair feel dry and Abit brittle. Where gold rush hair vitamins led it feel soft, silky and smooth. Also moistured. Also, the price. They are £25 a bottle for these and where I don’t work it’s a lot. They are worth the money but only if they cost less. 

Do love these in some sense, but honestly, I would invest my money to gold crush hair. 

My hair journey still continues . Lately, I felt to give up and go back to chemicals and cut short or curly perm. I’m going to persuade and keep going and decided my fate afterwards. 

But I am loving all these pixie cuts and Bob length styles at the moment. These are the biggest hair trendys for this year. Also braid styles at moment which are good winter protection styles I also love sister locs very much . So far these are my favourites  pixie cuts


 Very tempting but not sure what to do. I have been complimented a lot saying short hair suits me better or both do.  But not keen out going back to chemicals . Decisions to be made 😕 I would love you my readers could help me out 

Should I stay short and get a pixie cut ?

Continuing growing it and go long and staying natural?

Please leave your suggestions on this post .

Thanks for reading 😘