My hair journey update 

Hi all,

I thought I do a post on my hair journey so far and how it’s going.

As you all know I’m trying to grow my hair. As you know from my last post, I’ve been taking and trying Hairfinity and wanted to know what the hype was all about over this. Well, I’m happy with the results of these so far and may have to invest in some more .

Here’s my hair 2 weeks ago post hairfinity  

This is my hair growth, whilst on hairfinity  

 I’m so happy with my growth. It has grow fast as it says on the bottle and have some length. Also, very thick, healthy and soft. To me, hairfinity does the same as gold crush but a different effect on my hair.

I’m so happy that I’m going into the right direction with my hair journey. I’m gonna give my hair a good wash and protein treatment. And also a hot oil rinse. 

I’m now considering what to do next with my hair whether to keep going natural which to me is hard work or consider a chemical eg Jheri curl. I’m gonna also carry on with taking biotin and sea kelp after I finish hairfinity as I can’t afford the price of it.

I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do with my hair, don’t hestiate to leave a comment on this post. I’m so happy with my progress and embracing it in every way and now know patience is the key !


Following your dreams and goals 

Hi all,

Have you ever had dreams, hopes and goals in life but never thought you had the confidence to follow them through?

That’s me. 

I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching lately.

Been asking myself the follow questions lately

Who am I ?

What’s my purpose in life?

What are my dreams, goals and wishes in life ?

How can I fulfil these?

Lately, I have been feeling low and but after talking to fellow bloggers and group members in the plus size groups, I have joined on Facebook I feel very positive and now gonna to fight for my dreams and goals. 

I’m not going to let negativity get the way of me fufilling all I want in life. One of my long life goals and wishes was to do a pagenant. I always wanted to do one, but though hey my size ain’t right. But I have now discovered that there are pagenants out there for us plus size women and I recently applied for ms British beauty curve 2016. I’m so determining to do this and hoping I’ll get selected to represent my hometown.

I have also recently reapplied for college to do my maths. I recently passed my English course and achieved a functional skills level one in English. I never thought at 36  is possible to go back to college and achieve something in terms of education. But I did. So I’m on the waiting list for a functional skills maths course. 

I haven’t decided what I would like to do as a career as yet. But I’m keeping my options open. I’m more determining to go to university and achieve a degree. I was told I’ll never be anything in life from teachers at school and colleges, I attended. But I’m proving them wrong and showing my children that it’s possible achieve a education regardless of your situation or age plus ability.

Nothing is going to get in my way of aiming high and achieving in life. All the negativity and challenges to come my way, I’m going to take as positive and make changes to my life and to myself aswell. I feel now that anything now is possible and I’m worth it no deserve the best in life.

Now I’m feel I can conquer the world and determine to aiming his in life and aim for the best in life.

My hair journey update so far 

Hi all,

I thought I would come with a hair update post. As you know I’m trying to grow my hair from my previous posts.

Well, I’m happy with progress to date. It is growing. Here’s my hair growth about 3 weeks ago  

And here’s my hair growth to date  

It’s growing thick and healthy. I have length at the back and some on the sides. The front is beginning to get some length.

A friend of family sister recently sent me some biotin and also hairfinity.  

I have been dying to try these and see what all the hype is over these. Hairfinity is suppose to promote healthy hair from the inside out. They contain all the vital vitamins like vitamin b, folic acid  

The main one is biotin which promotes hair growth. With these you have to take 2 tablets a day. I started taking these and can’t wait to see what they’ll do for my hair growth and to compare them to gold crush hair.

I will be giving my hair a wash and deep conditioning treatment with hair mayonnaise mix with a egg and a bit of castor oil. I’m so pleased and happy as this would be my hair growth at 6 months and it’s been 4 months since I big chopped in June. I’m now considering whether to stay  natural or to consider a telaxer or Jheri curl.

I can’t wait to see how long  my hair will growing to. I just want to grow it to chin / shoulder length. I’m going to keep going and keep doing what I’m doing. Hopefully, by Christmas I’ll have long hair.

So thanks for reading and I’ll keep updating you all !

What’s it like not  to really have friends and social life and single mummy life

Hi all 

Last few days, have been tough on me so I thought I put in a post and let my feelings out.

Lately, I felt life is tough with being a single mum and all that. I really don’t have any friends as such or best friend ( bbf ). Since having my kids me and my friends friendships have drifted or they have had kids and got married which well jealous about cause I’m longing to find my Prince Charming and get a ring on it 

I don’t really have anyone to like talk to than my mum, sisters, brother and other extended family. Most of the time, it’s kids convo and no adult convo. I would love to have that one close friend whom I can hang out with and have long telephone convos etc .

But from years back, I never have or have trusted friends whom broke my trust or spoken about me behind my back. One thing, why I don’t have any friends as such is that I don’t trust anyone periodically and have trust issues in both friendships and in past relationships I have had including my kids dads.

Few friends I have do judge me a lot and say they are jealous of me or belittle me a lot. So I take that to heart and be hard on myself and let it play on my mind, which makes me feel rubbish a lot and where I have gone wrong with them .

I can’t remember the last time I had gone out with friends who I can call my friends and let my hair down with . The last time was say in 2009 I think. Or even in 2012. 

Being a single mum is tough and to go with it no social life but I wouldn’t change not having my kids in life as they to me are my friends.

But I do wish I had a good friend who I talk to, relate to and have nights out with. Only way I socialise these days are through social media.

I do miss going out and work. Work was like my break and socialising and to me and that. 

Lately, there’s been so much confirmation with people who had issues with me or what me to change the way I am. Also, don’t want to know me for me.

I’m such a nice person and loving,caring and kind. I’m very giving person and put everyone before my own needs. They saying is never judge a book by its cover . So stop judging me and get to know me for me.

Plus I will never change myself to suits everyone’s taste of a person. God made like this and this is me. 

So think of how I feel when things are said or just pick up the phone and call me and have a convo it would be nice. 

My hair journey update 

Hi all, 

Well it’s been a hectic week in my house. With my daugther returning to school. Boys off nursery returning  the start of next week and so many other things.

Anyway, I thought I update you on my hair situation this week. As you know, I’ve been trying to grow my hair.  This week there has been abit of growth, but not as fast as I would like it to. I finally got round to wash it and give my hair deep protein treatment with hair mayonnaise and mixed with a egg sand bit of olive oil.

This has been my god sent alongside my black Jamaican castor oil, I’ve been using. 

Here’s my picture of my hair when I big chopped for the hundred time  

This a picture of my hair growth this week  

There is a big difference as you can see. I’m also starting to get abit of length as you can see 

I’m also still taking my folic acid and sea kelp which I believe is helping my hair growth. I haven’t took biotin in over a month and will be investigating in some or in some gold crush hair vitamins which contain all these vitamins in it. 

I believe the scalp treatment prescribed by my doctor is helping. No more itchy scalp or hair falling out , which I’m happy about. I believe it’s helping my hair to grow aswell.

This would usually be me at 4 months growth usually and I big chopped back in June/July and this is achievement for me.

I’m going to carry on with I’m doing. Also, invest in some gold crush hair and the new hair shampoo growth bar from Lush, whom tweeted me about this. 

I’m getting there slowly but surely. By Christmas, I’m hoping and praying that I’ll have some long hair 🙏🏾

Also, I like to thank each and one of you following me and support me in this hair journey. For all your kind words and advice. I apprieciated it so much and it motivates me a lot to keep going and blogging about it .

Thank you all!