My hair journey update so far 

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. My health hasn’t been good later. Anyway, I come to you with a update on my hair journey soon far. 

Well, so far it’s going ok but not as I want it . I’m still using the scalp treatment my doctor prescribed. I ran out of biotin as u haven’t been able to purchase anymore due to my children been off for summer and been busy with them and due to my health. I’m still taking the folic acid and sea kelp. 

I’m also still doing my loc in method with water, hair mayonnaise and jamaican black castor oil mixed in a water spray type bottle and rubbing in more black Jamaican castor oil for moisture. 

Black Jamaican castor oil is good for hair growth. It helps strengthen hair, relpemishes, rejuvenated. Also nourishes and made of natural


It is greasy, so you only may need to use once a day. But I use twice a day to promote hair growth. I love this oil so much. It has helped my growth so much. The growth I had would of taken me 3 months to grow usually.

Here’s a picture of my growth now  

 Please don’t look on my forehead. One of my twin sons, the one with additional needs scratched me when he was in his mood .

I’m so pleased with my growth. But it’s not growing as fast as I would like it to. I have to admit that I have been slacking with washing and treating my hair. It’s been over 2 months since the last treatment. So today, some point I’ll be treating my hair seriously. I have length in some areas.

I’m now considering having either locs or a Jheri curl. I really like this  

Brings me back to the 80s and to my teen years, this hair style. When I had this perm, it really grew my hair. Grew my hair to my shoulders. It was thick and healthy. 

So my goals with my hair growth for the next coming weeks are as follows :-

* regular treatments from now on without fail

* invest in more biotin or gold crush hair vitamins

*invest in a conditioning cap for hair treatments 

* been told about a lush soap bar which really promotes hair growth going to invest and go in to my local lush store to find out more

* carry on with loc method and with black Jamaican castor oil

* look in to Jheri curl perm more

As always I will keep you updated

Thanks for reading now xxx



My hair journey update

Hi all!

Just thought I update you on my hair journey and how’s it going. Well good and not good in some ways. I will not be continuing with any vitamins only biotin maybe . Looks like the sea kelp and folic acid isn’t agreeing with me and my body in general. So I’m gonna stop and see.

My hair growth over the past two weeks  

As you can see it’s growing but slowly but surely. The Jamaica black castor oil, hair mayonnaise and scalp treatment seems to be doing the trick.

I have also wondering if I should give up and come to the conclusion that short hair is easier to maintain over short hair as I’ve seen a lot of people cut their hair. It seems short hair is the trend this year and that long hair isn’t even though you can do lots more with. Lots harder to maintain.

I’m really in love with short hair and mid length pixie cuts at the moment. So hard to make a decision.

So here’s my goals for the next month

* regular treatments deep and protein

* carry on with the Jamaican black castor oil, scalp treatment and hair mayonnaise

* consider carrying on with biotin 

* make a decision whether it’s short or mid length hair, I’m aiming for

As usual, I’ll carry on persuade and keep going with this journey.  

Why is so hard to find Mr right being plus size 

Hi all,

Well this blog post is from the heart and personal.

I’m 36, single with kids and plus size. I have been hurt some many times and recently. Joining numerous dating sites etc

I sit here sometimes wondering if there’s some wrong with me. Why do I keep getting hurt ? Should I lose weight and change for the better?

Numerous occasions, I have told by guys I know it’s because they are are looking for the ‘Beycone’ type etc and plus size to them aren’t attractive in their eyes. When others say it is .

Being single mum and plus size, it’s so hard to date and find a decent guy. Most guys whom approach me only want one thing or aren’t serious. 

When I look at my friends and one sister who’s married, I’m green as envy  because I want someone and someone to love me. It’s gets very lonely at night and I don’t really have much friends or adult conversation. 

I question to myself, am I going to me single for life and why a guy can’t accept me for me. You know life ain’t about looks and size. Attraction to me is from within. But unfourantely some guys don’t see it like this. Size should matter. I mean us plus size girls have a lot of love to give and are the most geniue girls and have lots of love to give.

I have been hurt so many times and that and question myself lately, if I should lose weight? Change my imagine? Why can’t I have the happiness, long for. 

The sayings are ‘best things come to those whom wait’ and ‘ you have to kiss so many frogs to find your prince charming’ are true. But I’m getting to point of impatience. Only God knows whom I’m suppose to be with and preparing him for me.

I’m 36 and feel time is running out for me. So I will have to just wait and see and have patience and enjoy my boring single life for now, because Mr right is out there. And when he comes I’ll be ready as ever !