My biotin and folic acid 100 days hair challenge 

Hi all,

I’m coming to you with my latest challenge.

As you all know I’m on hair growth journey and my challenges and experiences, I’ve been blogging about.

Well, I have been doing a lot of research online and on YouTube. I came across some hair bloggers doing a challenge and their growth etc. 

They are or have embarked on a biotin and folic acid 100 days challenge, with excellent results. So I’ve decided to embrace myself on this challenge  

I have been taking biotin for a while now and invested in some folic acid. I will stop taking sea kelp for a whilst doing this challenge. I will do this for a 100days and hopefully will see some growth and a difference.

I have some growth and length on one side  

I’m so happy it’s starting to grow. So wish me luck on this challenge and I’ll keep you all posted as usual .


My hair journey update 

Hi all ,

Long time, I haven’t blogged. So I come to you with a update about my hair .

As you know, I have been trying to go natural and grow my hair. It was growing, but recently had to do big chop😢 After numerous visits to my doctors, I got a answer as you now from my last blog post. Stress related and itchy scalp was related to this so I was given some scalp treatment.

I’m also taking sea kelp and biotin to help my hair grow fast. From doing my research and watching YouTube, some of the hair bloggers said helped them grow their hair fast. 

Here’s a picture of my hair few weeks ago 

Here’s my grow one month in  

I’m so happy that’s it growing but not as fast as I want .the scalp treatment has stopped my itchy scalp and seems to be helping the growth of my hair. Also the vitamins and coconut and castor oils.

I have decided that short hair suit me better. Even though I can carry off long hair and short hair. It seems short hair is the hype and in thing at the moment 

I have fallen in love with a few short styles. Love the pixie cuts. Here are a few of my favourites  

I’m going to give my hair another month to grow before I get my chooses style.

Here’s my goals for the next month :-

* carry on with biotin and sea kelp 

* continue with the scalp treatment. Have another month left of it .

* Up on my water intake 

* weekly/ two weekly treatments

*Use the loc method( water, conditioner and oils eg castor oil mix on a watering can) every day and night on hair 

I will keep you posted on my hair and update, you all. But so far, I’m happy with my progress. Getting there slowly but surely 😊

My hair journey update

hi all,

I’m just updating you on my hair and recent visit to my doctors about my problems.

I attended appointment to see my doctor yet again about my itchy scalp and hair not growing and falling out on Wednesday of this week.

This the fourth time of attending my doctors about my prolonging hair problems. He examined my scalp and hair. He need informed that my scalp is flaky and dry. He believes my hair issues is stress related and he said it will grow back to the length I had. But he don’t when, but it will grow back. 

To hear that was a relief! He prescribed me a scalp treatment  

 I have to use this twice a day till relief of itchiness has gone. Then once a day. Since using this my scalp isn’t itchy. I have also noticed the growth of my hair from taking sea kelp and biotin. 

This my pic 3 weeks ago when I big chopped  

And this is my growth now  

Happy with my progress and it maybe growing slow. But at least it’s growing.

I will keep you all updated on my progress and journey.

I’m proud to be plus size 

Hi all, 

I’m come to you to you with a new blog today. 

For years, I have been ashamed of being plus size and lack in confidence and self esteem . I felt plus size wasn’t beautiful and that society didn’t accept me for who I am nor my weight.

I always thought being the biggest out of all my sisters and brother, that I wanted I be slim and didn’t feel comfortable about me and wanted their size and beauty.

Thanks to joining some groups on social media and making new friends and women of my size, I feel confident, beauty and sexy. I feel I can conquer the world and don’t care what  society think and the negative comments anymore.

I recently tried some swimwear, I brought few years back and didn’t feel confident or had the self esteem to feel confident to wear. But now I can.

As a plus size size, I can wear anything and not feel ashamed of my size and who I am. This is me and I ain’t changing for no one or society. Society needs to understand there’s no shame in plus size and that being plus size is as sexy and unique. Also, beautiful as regular size . Plus size is the new skinny and we are here to stay !

My hair journey update 

Hi all thought I update you on my hair journey. 

As you know, 2 weeks ago I did another big chop as my hair fell off. So far it’s starting to grow back but slowly. 

Here’s a few pics for you to see  

Last picture was taken on Wednesday and is my current hair growth. As you can see its growing but not as fast I want it to. I currently started taking biotin and sea kelp twice a day. I have seen a lot of hair bloggers on YouTube use this with great results. I’m getting abit inpatient and know that patience is the key and don’t happen over night.

I’m seeing my doctors again next week to see why my hair won’t grow and keeps falling as I think something isn’t right . I’m also considering buying hairfinity as my sisters swear by it and has grown their hair to their shoulders and back. That’s my goal.

So my hair goal from the month are as follows :-

* up water intake and drink more water promotes hair growth

* look and invest in hairfinity 

* invest in a conditioning steaming cap and more treatments for hair as I haven’t been treating my hair 

* start the loc method again

I will let you know what the doctor says when I see him end again for the 3rd time about my hair scalp and hair .