Why people have to be so negative about my size

Hi all

I thought I write a post on what I’m currently experiencing and how it affects me. I’m a size 20-26 depending on brand , cut and style. I like million of women have tried losing weight. But the weight doesn’t want to leave my body.

I have now expected that this is me and I should embrace my size, thanks to join some positive plus size groups on Facebook.

I only have few friends. One particular friend in general has a negative views and always on my case about my looks image and weights. Always going on I don’t look good, all I do is sit at home and eat and no ambitions.

Well, why be my friend if my size is a problem for you. I’m me and I won’t change nor put up with anymore comments on my looks and size . 

Big is beautiful and new skinny and I feel all this negativity needs to stop. I’m so glad that songs like ‘ All about the bass’ have been released to teach young girls that it doesn’t matter about looks and size. You’re beautiful how you are and embrace it.

So if my weight is a issue to many and come negativity to me. Please check yourself out because I’m beautiful, unique, sexy and my size is the new skinny. Plus I got all that bass peeps ! And I’m happy ! 

You need to listen to this positivity and the lyrics to the this song and accept this is new skinny and we are here to stay society. So accept it !



Had to do a big chop hair journey update 

Hi all!

I just need to update you on recent events , regarding my hair journey.

Well, I sawed my doctor last Friday in regards to hair not growing and itchy scalp. He had a look at my scalp and asked me loads of quetions. He has prescribed some tablets to take for a month and I can’t have my cholesterol medication for a month.

But this morning, I woke up hair was on my pillow and when combing it was dropping out. I was in tears and had to get the clippers and cut it/ shave it low  

I have done this big chop so many times and now I have had enough because I’m longing for long hair and have tried everything in the book. And it’s not fair.

I have also cancelled my monthly subscription of gold crush hair as I didn’t see much improvement taking these what so ever. So now I’m looking to invest in hairfinity. Few of my friends and sisters take these with excellent fast and good results and I feel this my last result.

I will keep you guys posted and update you on my progress. Hopefully this big chop will be the one for healthy growing hair ,fingers crossed.

My hair journey update 

Hi all

Thought I bring you update on this month hair journey. Well, last weekend I decided to put a texturiser softner in my hair as I had enough and not growing as fast as it should. So I went my Afro hair and beauty shop and purchased this  


I have used the Lusters short looks texturiser before in the past. But this a new and proved formula, which is has avocado and castor oils in it. It also stretch and softens natural curls in minutes. So here’s my before  

Here’s my afterwards 

 as you can see, I have so length and its promoted my natural hair pattern. I have used texturisers in the past and my hair has grew. So we will see what happens with my growth over the next month. I’m still using goldcrush hair vitamins and love them. I can see growth abit. Only been 3 weeks. My hair is shredding least and not breakaging. Soft and silky . So won’t get result as quick as I want. Patience is the key!

I’m seeing my doctor. This due to very itchy scalp and why my hair won’t growth beyond a certain length.

So my aim for this month are as follows :-

* drink more water which I’m currently doing

*healthy eating

*carry on with taking goldcrush hair vitamins 

* see if this texturiser will work with hair growth 

I will keep guys update with progress