Why am I still not getting picked up by brands

Hi all

Here with another blog post. As you know I have been blogging since last October. I love it so much. But as you know from previous post, no luck with getting picked up and recognised by any brands.

This can be so down side of blogging and wonder what else, I can do for a brand to see my blog and see what I’m all about. Maybe cause I don’t do fashion blogs on here. If I knew how to with the help of a brand, I would do more fashion blogs on here.

I feel in the blogging world, it’s a popularity thing and maybe I need to get out there. But in my eyes, I don’t blog to be popular. I blog cause I can express myself and help others. Not for popularity and competition.

All I want is be recognised by a brand for me and be able to network, blog and learn knew things to help me with my blog. Also, to help my self esteem and confidence as I lack these.

So to you brands, please please look at my blog and see the hard work, I’m putting in to my blog. Please give me the opportunities as blogger to network and blog for you. Instead of putting down to a popularity and see me for me.


My hair journey update 

Hi all

Sorry for not blogging lately. Been so busy etc. Well, I wanted to update you on my hair journey.

Well, it’s been up and down. I had to trim off the length that grown. This was speaking with hairdresser, whom said my hair wasn’t growing fast. This was due to the length which had grown was in deed dead hair and was letting my hair grow.

After her advice, I went home and trimmed the dead hair off. Here’s a picture of before and after


My hair hasn’t  really grown fast as I want. As you know I have been taking biotin since finish goldcrush hair vitamins and I don’t really feel the biotin has been doing anything for my growth. They say biotin promotes fast hair growth. But to me, I don’t see that what’s so ever.

So I have decided to and started my goldcrush hair vitamins again on this week as these do promote hair growth.

I love these and subscribed to these each month. I will blog on my progress on these every two weeks and monthly reviews .

So my hair growth goals for the next month are as follows:-

* Take goldcrush hair vitamins

* Healthy eating

* Up water intake as water promotes hair growth

* Two weekly treatments

* Invest in black Jamaican castor oil/ coconut oil as these also promote fast hair growth

If you would like to buy goldcrush hair vitamins, go to goldcrushhair.com to order.

My hair journey update And biotin beauty update 

hi all ,

As you know I’m been on my hair journey for almost 5 months and no chemicals for almost 5 months aswell.

I have been taking biotin beauty for almost 3 months. So far my results, using biotin beauty haven’t been the results not fast hair growth, they say on the bottle. I’m having thoughts of stop taking this product due to misleading statements and try either pure biotin or go back on goldcrush hair vitamins, I have tried in my previous blog posts.

Here’s my hair growth in the past month  

             As you can see from this photo, I’m able to wear a hair band. This reason being that my hair is all different lengths and big mess and brush it back so I can cover this.

Totally, begin to have second thoughts on going natural and I have come close to shaving it off and start again. This natural hair thing is hard and dishearting for me and I will pursue for a month and so and see if I can get more growth.

So my goals to achieve this are as follows :-

* up on my water intake

* weekly treatments

* eat more fruit and veg 

* look into alternatives eg curly perm and see if these sort of perms promote hair growth

* invest in either pure biotin or goldcrush hair vitamins

So I will purse for another month before I make a big decision and will keep you guys posted . 

Mane n tail deep moisturizing  shampoo and conditioner review 

Hi all,

Come to you with a review on the mane n tail deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 

After watching many YouTube videos on these products, I thought I see what they are like for myself .

These products were originally designed and catered for horses.but tested by humans, with few good results and fast growth. 

It says helps 

*repair damage from styling and the enivronment

* extra moisturizing combined with gentle cleansing 

*nourishes and fortifies with vitamin E and provitamins B5

*deep hydrating, botanical protein helps strengthen.

Well what are my thoughts on these two products ?

Well it has a funny smell to it and is blue and kinda wax feeling both products. I use the shampoo to wash my hair and felt in lefted my hair feel so what soft. But after using the conditioner and drying my hair, it felt more dry and brittle. And stripped it. So I won’t be using this shampoo again 

The conditioner ain’t too part. But I have been using this as a leave in conditioner. But my hair is more brittle and dry. So I won’t be using this again .

In terms of hair growth. I have seen some slight growth. Here’s my latest growth pic  

 These cost me £2.99 each from my local  Afro hair and beauty shop. 

To me, these aren’t suitable for Afro hair. I wouldn’t recommend these at all.  

Finding it hard to find a decent pair of jeggings and jeans

Hi and sorry for not blogging much lately. Been busy and had some challenges.

Anyway, I’m writing a blog post on finding a pair of decent jeggings and jeans that fit well.

I’m finding it hard as a size 20/22 bottom to find a decent pair of jeggings and jeans. The problems, I find that they don’t fit well, keep having to pull up as they don’t fit at the waist. Also, after a couple of wears, they rip at the thigh areas or stretch out after washing them.

I’m currently living in leggings which I have the same problems with and fed up with wearing and living in leggings. A change would be nice for once. And to show of my curves, which I’m proud off.

So far I haven’t find anything. But now came across three which maybe possibles. Here they are  

What do you guys think ? 

These are from yours clothing, SimplyBe and Evans . I’m going to try the Evans ones today to see, before I decide on the other two.

If anyone can recommend any, please comment before.

If like these one these are available at




Go and check them out today !