Why don’t any brands want to/notice me is it a popularity or race thing in the blogging world 


I thought I write a post on why I’m not being picked up by any brands as yet

Is it a popularity thing or race thing ?

As you know I started my blog last October. So far, I’m enjoying blogging so much. But on one side, I’m not . In finding it so hard to compete with other bloggers and for brands to recognise you.

I’m coming to realise if you’re not got a type of style, image and look a brand won’t take no notice or just take your details and say they will be in touch. They more want to work with popular bloggers whom portray what they looking for and that.

I feel as a black young, fresh woman blogger, it’s more harder and more hard to get the networking or attend events. 

I’m blogging for fun. But to have a career of some sort in fashion or area within the industry. I would love attend events, work with brands and companies, if they could see my blog as a positive thing and not a popularity, image, style thing. I also started blogging to be a positive role model to young girls out there aswell.   Being a mother of a Daugther of almost 11 and twin boys of almost 4, there aren’t slot of positive role models out there. I hope to change that. Also, to meet other bloggers and form friendships.

So this is my questions to you brands what is it your looking for interns of a blogger of me to network with you?

Is it based on popularity and race ? 

I’m hoping soon a brand will recognise me and positivity and for the person I am within not based on popularity. I will keep you guys updated, if I ever get picked by brands than detail taking .