Challenges with deal with a child of additional needs and the medical professionals


I thought I write to you about my life as a mother and my current challenges, I’m facing on a daily basis.

As you know I’m a single of mum of 3 a Daugther of 10 and twin non identical boys of 3. So life for me is very demanding and busy. My boys were born at 32 weeks and were 8 weeks early. But have come along way from their births. But right now, I’m having challenges with 1 of them.

From the age of 1, I have noticed something isn’t quite right with him. I told the various health visitors I think something isn’t right and they all keep saying it’s his age. They both currently under paedritician, speech and language thepary and portage.

From the age of 2, things got worst. Not sleeping well and getting up 6 times during in the night, speech not clear or well, eye contact not very good. Also, screaming and meltdowns especially in public, crowds and on London transport. Getting the comments from the public and stares can be uncomfortable and distressing and tearful at times .Yet again, I was told by professionals it’s his age and he can’t be assessed for now.

I have been backwards and forwards to my doctor whom at one stage blamed me and my parenting skills and also, the locum paedtrician whom also said its behavioural and I need parenting classes.

How could it be me, when I have two other children whom are fine ?

He has now started lining up things eg cups, shoes in order of sizing and colour. Here’s an example for you to see

If you move these, he has a meltdown. He doesn’t cope with changes and has a poor apetite and only eat certain things. He has meltdowns which can last for over hour and it isn’t nice and becomes aggressive sometimes.

Most of the time, we are in the house as he cant cope in crowds and only recently started taking London transport with him. He copes fine at nursery. I recently sawed our original paedtrician whom I stressed my concerns to and he listened.

He believes, he has some autistic traits. But the classic is he is gathering the information before assessing him and can take 9 months to be assessed and still wants me to go parenting classes. So now, I have to carry on the way I have with the support of my family.

The system sucks and yet the blame is on you. It’s hard but I deal with it and get on with it and pray and hoping that my son gets assessed and gets the support he needs to help him progress in life.

I don’t understand the system. In my eyes these medical professionals want to help mothers whom cry wolf that their child this and that and get all the assessments and support for a child there’s nothing wrong with . Where me, now is fair and honest and my child is facing these issues and challenges whom the medical professionals don’t take no notice off and listen or help.

Well I ain’t giving up with a fight and proud to be a mother and that. So please support Austim awareness month and understand what a mother like me goes through on daily basis.



Why don’t any brands want to/notice me is it a popularity or race thing in the blogging world 


I thought I write a post on why I’m not being picked up by any brands as yet

Is it a popularity thing or race thing ?

As you know I started my blog last October. So far, I’m enjoying blogging so much. But on one side, I’m not . In finding it so hard to compete with other bloggers and for brands to recognise you.

I’m coming to realise if you’re not got a type of style, image and look a brand won’t take no notice or just take your details and say they will be in touch. They more want to work with popular bloggers whom portray what they looking for and that.

I feel as a black young, fresh woman blogger, it’s more harder and more hard to get the networking or attend events. 

I’m blogging for fun. But to have a career of some sort in fashion or area within the industry. I would love attend events, work with brands and companies, if they could see my blog as a positive thing and not a popularity, image, style thing. I also started blogging to be a positive role model to young girls out there aswell.   Being a mother of a Daugther of almost 11 and twin boys of almost 4, there aren’t slot of positive role models out there. I hope to change that. Also, to meet other bloggers and form friendships.

So this is my questions to you brands what is it your looking for interns of a blogger of me to network with you?

Is it based on popularity and race ? 

I’m hoping soon a brand will recognise me and positivity and for the person I am within not based on popularity. I will keep you guys updated, if I ever get picked by brands than detail taking .

My hair growth so far 

Hi all,

So I thought I keep you updated on my hair growth so far. 

Well, this month has been tough. I’m still taking biotin, which me has so affect but not effects I’m looking for.

My hair is more dry and brittle and is starting to break again😢

Here’s a few photos of my current hair situation, I have been taking over the past month




As you can see from some of the photos, no changes as such. But some patches and my hairline going. I so want long hair. But come to the conclusion that long hair maybe isn’t what God wants me to have and maybe giving up and grow it mid length for now.

I went and sawed my doctor on Thursday as my scalp is very flaky and itchy. The doctor thinks I got a fungal infection on scalp and took a sample to be test. Also, been prescribed a medicated shampoo to see if this helps my scalp and to see if this is the course of why my hair isn’t going as it should.

I’m totally starting to give up on my hair and starting to depress me. May short hair is the way for now and it is the trendy for this year.

This here is my hair goal aim now  

Short,sexy and me.

So my goals for the next month on my hair journey are as follows are

* drink water and more

*weekly treatments

* carry on with biotin 

*look in to hair relaxers/telaxing

* look in to hair products suitable for my hair issues and type

*seek professional input and advice 

I will keep you guys updated as usually.

My inspire range (new look) wish list 

Hi all,

I thought I write you a post on my favourite pieces and inspire range wish list.

Inspire range has been available at new look for many years. But only available at selected stores now and online. 

It tries to cooperate some of the styles and fashion trendys in the regular size range in to this range. I have been shopping at new look for many years and love it.

Here’s what I have put on to wish list  


Have you shopped at new look yet? Want the latest fashion trendys? Go to today and have a look.

Happy shopping at New Look !

ELOQUII spring/summer collection 2015

Hi all,

Coming to you with a post about US brand ELOQUII. I recently got in touch with this brand again to see if they had a new collection together for spring/summer.

I’m such a huge fan of this brand. They collection for spring/summer is more pastel colours, bold patterns and stripes. Much funky and young, plus fashionable collection . Me,personally would defintely purchase a few items which I would save for as I don’t work and kids come first etc.

I was sent some images from the brand of their new and latest collection. Here they are for you

             My favourite out is the black crop top and funky patterned skirt . What’s yours ? So what do you think ? Why don’t you go and check ELOQUII today at and treat yourself to something.

My Matalan Rogers and Rogers wish list

Hi all and happy easter.

Hope you’re enjoying easter and not eating too much Easter eggs.

Well, I thought I give you my thoughts on the Rogers and Rogers plus size range available at matalan. This is a small collection designed my british designer Jeffrey Rogers whom use to present the clothes show back in the 90s.

The range consists of biker jackets, jeggings, logo t shirts, pastel colours and florals. It’s is value for money as well. I will be defintely purchasing some item from this range, some point soon.

These are the items, I would like and on my wish list



So if want to take a look at the Rogers and Rogers range, visit today .