This months hair growth 

Hi all

So I’m writing this post to update, you on my hair growth this month.

My hair has grown abit more this month. But not, as fast as I would like it to. I’m still taking biotin to help with my growth. So far my hair least shredding only a little. But it’s healthy, thick and soft. 

Here’s some pictures of my hair this month



As you see from this picture, I have length. I have measured and some areas 1/2inch some parts 1 inch and others 1 1/2inches. So it’s growing but slowly. I recently started using water mixed with jamaican black castor oil and spray that on my hair every morning and night . Castor oil is good for hair growth and breakage and thickness.

I have also been drinking lots of water and deep condition treatments on my hair weekly. I’m going to purchase some goldcrush hair vitamins , which I tried out few months ago ( posts on the blog). This gave me, the hair growth faster than biotin even though it’s growing my hair.

So my goals for the next month with my hair growth are as follows :-

*drink more water

* weekly deep/ protein treatments with oils eg jbco 

*carry on with water mixed with castor oil

*consider natural, locs, relax or curly perm 

*look into new hair products

*carry on with biotin but purchase goldcrush hair vitamins

I will keep you all update with my hair growth.

Thanks for reading !


My carmakoma wish list 

Hi all ,

Sorry I haven’t blogged much lately.been busy with exams,kids and the house. Anyway, I’m writing this post on a brand available at Evans and online called Carmakoma.

Carmakoma are a danish brands available worldwide. Their collection is young, fresh and trendy. This brand says it all and I would buy pieces from their collection. From floral prints to denium.

Carmakoma are on the money. But price range is from £40 upwards. As a single mum out of my price range. But worth the investment, I say. So I would save. I would recommend this brand to anyone who wants to look hip, fashionable and want the latest trendys.

Here’s my items on my wish list 

So go and check out Carmakoma at or at

Which cut is your favourite ?

Hi all,

I’m doing a voting post. I am considering whether to carry on growing my hair or get a short cut and relax as this the trend for this year.

I need to know which one is your favourite. Here’s the cuts 

Which one is your favourite cut, you think I should get ?

Is it no 1 red cut

Is it 2, the plantium blonde cut 

Is it 3, the short pixie type cut  or 

Is it 4, the lengthy pixie style cut

My favourite is number 3 .

Which is your favourite ?                 

Please comment on this post and tell me your favourite cut !

My hair growth update 

Hi all

I thought I update you all on my hair growth for this month. Well so far, I’m happy with my growth in some ways.

As you know, I have been taking biotin beauty for a month. I had to stop taking it for few days as the doctors thought I was having a reaction to it. After blood test etc, I got the all clear and was able to continue with them.

I say these are defintely working for me . People have seen a difference and growth with my hair.

Here’s my growth this month

It’s growing, but not as fast and long as I want it. I have abit of length but not as much. Here’s a picture for you to see

I have to admitted, I’m starting to give up on this natural hair journey as its hard work and I don’t see any difference from last month. I have to also admit, I have been slacking on my weekly treatments and water intake.

I consider whether to put a chemical on my hair to see my length or to carry on. For the next month, my goals are as follows:-

* drink more water

* weekly treatments

* carry on taking biotin beauty or invest in gold crush hair vitamins 

*consider to carry on this natural hair journey or consider a chemical

I will keep updating you guys on my hair growth each month.