Biotin beauty vitamins update

Updating you all on biotin beauty vitamins. As you know from my previous post, I was asked to review these at a special offer price of £1.

I have been taking these for a month and see a big difference in my hair .
My hair is less dry and brittle. Thick and is GROWING!!!

This is my hair growth in a space of a month



As you can see, I have some length aswell. It has worked wonders on my skin and nails aswell.

I happy with the results. But unforunately have to stop taking them from today under the advice of my doctor , as I am loads of medications and taking these alongside it, I am having reaction to. So I’m so disappointed but my health comes first.

So I may go back to taking gold crush hair vitamins, but will consult my doctor first , to see what I can take whilst on these medications.

So visit biotin beauty as they do really work
Twitter @Biotinbeauty


Dealing with rejection heart ache and no one not wanting to be with you

I thought I write a post today on dealing with rejection, heartache and no one wanting me .

I am almost 36 years old. Single with 3 kids. I have tried to hold down relationships especially with the kids dads whom I have no contact with nor support, but always getting rejected and my heart broken .

It’s hard with 3 kids to go out and socialise and meet someone. I feel that no guy wants me for me and feel the rejection side of this is to the way, I look or my weight is a issue or its me as a person . Why does anyone want me ? What is it I ask.

I am just me. Plain old me whoms patient, kind , caring, loving etc. So why do I get hurt, rejected and my heart broken all the time. When I see most of my friends happy in love and that, I say to myself ‘ why can’t that me ?’ ‘When will it be my time for love?’

I do feel lonely and rejected , especially at night, when kids go bed .
I don’t have a lot of friends and the ones I do have don’t have time to talk as they happily in love, either married etc. I don’t go out and the only real social time I get is when kids are at school and nursery and I can get on with housework etc and college, every Tuesday evening.

I know that God puts us in certain situations for a reason and may be its not my time yet .

Being rejection and heart broken is hard to deal with. It isn’t nice. Can affect your mental state and you as a person. Which I do experience a lot .

I know I need to heal and that my time is coming soon. There’s a saying ‘ You have to kiss a lot of frogs before your prince comes’

I am a believer of that. So don’t feel cause you’ve been rejected and has your heart broken so many times that you’re never find love. Do you and concentrate on you as a person. When you do that, love will find you.

Hair trend of 2015 short hair the pixie cut

Another blog post here. Well I love my hair trends and anything about hair. I am hair obsess.

I have noticed that the hair trend for 2015 is short hair and the pixie cut. I love short hair, but on whether to grow mines or go with a short styles.

A lot of the big celebrities are cutting their hair short or revamping it in the pixie style. Celebrities like Keke Palmer, Frankie from the Saturdays are few to name.

The most recent celeb to follow the trendy is Rita Ora



Here’s some of my favourite pixie cuts











2015 is the year for short hair and the pixie cut. I thinking about whether to grow my hair now or get the pixie cut.

So are you daring enough to go short this year and follow the trendy !

My hair growth so far

Hi all,
I thought I update you on hair growth journey for this month.

So far, it’s going well but slowly. Mad you know from my precious posts, I was completed my goldcrush hair vitamins sample and now trying biotin beauty vitamins.

My hair is growing nicely, but as fast and quickly as I want it to. Have length in some places now. But not as dry and brittle as before, which is a good thing.

Here’s a collage of my hair growth since January


I noticed that my hair texture is thicker and softer, which is a good thing. But I can I have been slacking on my deep hair conditioners each week and feel I need to do this even week and not once in a blue moon. I have been doing my moisture regime of water, olive oil and conditioner mix in a water spray bottle. I spray this to my hair every morning and night and rub in a hair oil of my choice to revive the moisture of my hair .

I am thinking about a curly perm at the moment as this really grows my hair and agrees with it. I had one , when I was 13 and hair grew to shoulder lengths. And it’s easier to maintain over a relaxer.

So my goals for the next month are as follows:

* weekly deep conditioning treatment

* up water intake as I have slacking

* continue with taking biotin beauty vitamins

* get a curly perm. Do more research on this

I will keep you posted on my hair growth journey for the month or so. So far all good .

Biotin beauty vitamins

Hi all
Another blog post for you guys.
I was approach via Twitter by a company by biotin beauty to try their new hair, skin and beauty vitamin at a special offer price and to review.

I was given a code which I had to use and purchase via Amazon at reduced price of £1. This is usually £17.95 a bottle.postage and packaging was free. The bottle contains 3 months supply which I feel value for money.


It contains folic acid, vitamin A, thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin B12 etc But most importantly, biotin.


They suppose to make you feel good on the inside and look you best on the outside. Also, make your skin glowing, stronger nails and fast track to longer, straighter and more beautiful hair.

As you know, biotin is well known for promoting fast growth, healthy hair and prevents dryness and breakage.

This vitamin, you have to take 2 a day. I will be trying these for 3 months. I will be updating you on my progress and after the 3 months, I will do a overall review.

So go and check out Biotin Beauty and purchase some on this link
Or follow them
Twitter : @BiotinBeauty

Overall review on goldcrush hair vitamins

Hi all
I am writing this final review on goldcrush hair vitamins as I have now completed my sample.

As you all know I was sent a sample by Alicia, the founder of this brand to try.


I was giving a months supply to try. So what can I say about taking these vitamins for the month. Well, I can say these vitamins did improve my hair, nails and hair. Here’s a picture of my hair before taking goldcrush hair vitamins

As you can see I had breakage and bald patches. My hair was very dry and brittle. Since taking these vitamins, they have made major improvements to my hair. Less breakage, not as dry and brittle but most importantly, my hair has grown. My middle of hair always very short and wouldn’t grow. But now there’s growth and not so short anymore . Here’s some pictures of my overall growth on these vitamins




They grown some length in areas eg back, which I am happy about. My hair isn’t as thin as before. A lot thicker. I have seen improvements in my skin not dry in areas, but soft and silky feeling and radiant. As for my nails. I do bite them and as a result of this, they were brittle. But now stronger and healthier. I had damaged my nail in my right hand from shutting it in the door and had been to the doctors whom told me, it could take a year to grow back.

But in a space of a month it has grown back. Here’s some pictures of before and after of my damage nail



The check list which came with this was very good. It reminded you that you had to take vitamins and to tick off, which was good for me with my busy life style as a mum.


Overall, these vitamins are excellent and do work. My only negative thing is the cost. These cost £20 for a month supply which I can’t afford to other issues and I don’t work. But if I had the money , I would invest in more of these.

So I recommend these to anyone embarking on a hair journey. Purchase some of these vitamins to help you a long on your journey.

So check out goldcrush hair vitamins
Website :
Twitter : @goldcrushhair
Instagram : @goldcrushhair