My hair goal challenge for 2015

Hi all
Thought I write a post on my hair goal for this year. As you know, I have been struggling with growing my hair for the longest time and it has been it bad condition or breaks a lot.

This due to me suffering from high blood pressure and being type 2 diabetic. I believe the medication has done this. I am currently sampling gold crush hair vitamins as you know from my previous posts and have noticed the difference with my hair and also skin and nails.

So I am looking in to the possibility of investing some more of these. So I have decided to set myself a hair goal challenge for 2015.

My goal and challenge is to grow my hair to this


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Over the next 11 months. In order to set and achieve my goal and fulfil my challenges , these are the follow things I be doing

* Invest in some hair vitamins either gold crush hair vitamins or try out hairfinity to see what the hype is and see which one is good for me

* Up my water intake and change my diet and lifestyle

* Regular and weekly hair treatments eg deep conditioning

* Improve moisture of hair eg castor oil

* Maybe use a texturiser to soften hair and natural hair curls/ texture or get a curly perm which I have been thinking about a lot about lately

I will do monthly posts of hair journey for you all to see my progress and how I am doing.

Have you set yourself a hair goal and challenge for 2015

I am so up for this
Let’s do it !


2 weeks update on gold crush hair vitamins

Hi everyone
Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. Been so busy with kids etc.

Anyway, I thought I update you on my two weeks hair journey on goldcrush hair vitamins. I was sent a sample by this brand to try and jumped on the opportunity.

So far I am so happy with my growth over the past two weeks taking them. My hair isn’t shredding as much as before. It is not as dry. Very soft and silky feeling. I have length at the back and in other places.

My bald patches have gone. Hair has grown. Here’s my pictures of my progress of the first week


Here’s this weeks growth progress


I am so happy with my progress so far and will update you after I finish this month sample. So if you want to investigate in gold crush hair vitamins visit Twitter @goldcrushhair or Instagram Goldcrush hair

Goldcrush hair vitamins

Hi all
I am so excited to write this blog post. Few months ago I came across this company called goldcrush hair vitamins whom I decided to follow and they followed me back.

Since then I have been sending messages to the own of the brand Alicia, whom has been my rock. As you know from a post , I did my hair has been falling out, won’t grow etc.

I have been looking at hairfinity and other vitamins to use to see if this will promote my hair growth. After talking to Alicia, the owner and her support and advice, she asked me if I would like to sample her vitamins and

I jumped on the opportunity and said yes. They arrived in a pink sparkly postage bag.


They came with boxed up in beautifully and nice.



And also with a information leaflet which opens up in to a taken vitamins checklist.



These vitamins contains a variety of vitamins and minerals eg biotin, zinc. They are specially formulated to help boost the amount of nutrients to our bodies to feed our hair follicles ,which contributes with the maintenance of healthy hair.

The thing with goldcrush, they also help to with the health of your skin and nails to your daily regime.

So I be trying these for a month and after a month, I will blog and let you see the difference.

Here’s pictures of my current hair situation as we speak




So go and check out goldcrush hair vitamins at Twitter @goldcrushhair
Instagram Goldcrush hair

Why don’t fashion industry recognise that there’s a market for plus size fashion and plus size is beautiful

I thought I write a post on why the fashion industry don’t see there’s a market for plus size fashion and that being plus size is beautiful.

I am fed up with this industry. Being plus size,myself I feel discrimanted against.

Places like top shop and river island, don’t see bothered to incorparate a plus size range in to the collections. But are able to put very slim manniques in to their stores. I would love to set a challenge to these companies in the future.

I believe that this why a lot of young girls have issues and no self belief of themselves because of what’s portrayed in magazines and what the fashion industry says is a normal size.

Plus size is as beautiful as been a size 8. I feel the fashion industry needs to use more plus size models and show our young girls that size doesn’t matter and you can be beautiful and confident , whatever your size and look.

Yes, some of the time I have issues about my self image and my weight. But I come to the conclusion, that god wanted me this way and I shouldn’t change me for anyone or because the fashion industry says so.

So to companies like top shop, I want you to know this ‘ big is beautiful and we can be fashionable and unique like everyone else. It’s time, you woke up and smelt the cookie and get with the programme and incorparate a plus size range with your stores as plus fashion is the largest market.’


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 470 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.