Reflecting on 2014 and welcoming 2015

Hi all
Well, today is New Year’s Eve and I thought I reflect on my year. Well, 2014 has had it’s ups and downs for me.
My twin boys started nursery school in February. They love it and it gives me few hours break in the afternoons.

April, I turnt 35 and thought ‘oh my gosh, 5 years left till I reach 40’. Still got a lot to do in life

In May, I went to Maryland in Washington Dc, USA with my grandma to see my auntie who had breast cancer. I am so glad we got to see her. She sadly lost her battle in July to this awful disease.

September, I enrolled and returned to college at 35 years old on a functional skills English course level one. I haven’t studied in years and have decided to start back to basics . Enjoying it and learn loads. And my daughter turnt 10 double figures. Soon, have a teenager on my hands.

October, I decided to start this blog, after being inspired by other bloggers. So happy , I did. Also, my twin boys turnt 3 years.

December, we had the wedding of the year in my family. My sister after me got married 20th December. Was a beautiful and enjoyable day. Nice to have the family together.





So many good times and few bad but I always try to make life good for myself regardless of the situation.

2015, I know this is my year and the best is yet to come. My goals for 2015 are as follows :

1. Learn to drive and pass my test
2. Continue with my studies to fulfil my dream of becoming a teacher or midwife .
3. Lose weight once and for all.
4. Grow my hair healthy and no chemicals
5. Find a part time job
6. Find love
7. Get my house revamped
8. Blog more and get the opportunity to do some networking with few brands
And loads more

So what are you’re goals me hopes for 2015? Have you set any? Will you stick to them?
So I like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year that it will be the year your year!


Wishing you a merry Christmas x

Hi all
Well another year nearly over and the big day has come round again. So quickly. Christmas isn’t about recieving and giving presents and that . Spare a thought to the families who lost loves ones before or children and families with either a parent or relative serving in the army forces.

Also, spare thought for someone who’s living on the streets, in the third world country and people who financially struggling and can’t afford Christmas . Christmas to me is about family, being merry and happy. Feeling all the love around you.

It’s about the birth of Jesus and how important his presence is in our lives. Please thought for the much for those less fornate this christmas and serving in the air forces.

What is the true meaning of Christmas to you?

So let me wish you all a peaceful, joyful and loving Christmas.

Why don’t my hair wanna grow and my hair journey

Sorry haven’t blogged lately. Boys haven’t been well nor myself. Ok I thought , I write a post on about my hair and hair journey and problems , I having to deal with.

I always wanted long hair. I had a full head of hair in early and teenage years to early adulthood. My hair was on my shoulders and then the problems began.

But now it won’t grow nor healthy. Due to medications, I
Believe that’s one of the facts and also having my kids. But my hair grew and grew with having them. I have tried everything. You name it. I tried it. No luck.

Right about now, my hair dry, breaking , weak and won’t grow. Very short. It grows in certain areas then breaks and I have to cut off and start again. I do weekly treatments which hasn’t helped as much.

Here’s some picture of my hair at the moment


I so desperate to have long hair like my sisters, mum and friends . I don’t just don’t know what else to do. So I am investigating after options eg hair vitamins and I am open to suggestions if anyone has any for me.
Heres a picture my mum sent me recently. Hair was thick, healthy and long.


So 2015, I am determined to have long hair with patience and get my hair back to the way it was in the above picture.

Nike Liberty x a/w 2014 exclusive to Office

Hi all
Sorry I haven’t blogged lately.Currently, ill with tonsilitis.But it hasn’t stopped me looking out of new ranges.

The one, I am currently buzzing about and want a piece from is the new collobaration with Nike and Liberty x. This range is exclusive and only available at Office and was launched yesterday.

This isn’t the first time these to brands have joined forces. This collection is firece and makes a statement. Patterned and bold. The collection comes in pink and burgandy and black, grey and blue.

It is more focus on women than men. If you want to spend more on a good pair of Nikes that noone else is wearing this is the collection to buy from.

I haven’t brought a pair of trainers in years and will defintely be purcharsing from the collection. I need to save as kids come first.

Here’s my favourites from the collection





So go and visit your local Office store or visit if you wanna stand out from the crowd